Campus Web Ministries

The potential of 17 million college students is enormous. . .

BUT the campus environment:

  • Assumes God is irrelevant . . .
  • Produces tremendous social pressure. . .
  • Discourages spiritual development . . .
  • Results in students abandoning their faith

AND YET the online world of students is flourishing:

  • One out of five students spends more than 20 hours per week online
  • More than 90% of undergraduate students are Facebook members
  • Texting and Facebook are the most popular means of communicating
  • Students are open to spiritual exploration and the search for meaning
  • Social networking has a direct effect on local campus connections and relationships

IMAGINE how these leaders could change the world . . .

. . . if they were connected to each other to share their stories, experiences and faith

. . . regardless of campus location.

Campus Web Ministries is a hub for launching new ministries with the tools needed to reach our college students.

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