Mark Slaughter, Midwest Cluster Evangelist

For an initial inquiry please contact Mark’s assistant, Deanna Mulholland.To contact Mark directly email Mark.

You can learn more about Mark and his ministry on his personal website:
For over 25 years, Mark has served as an evangelistic communicator for InterVarsity, speaking at college campuses and conferences or retreats in the Midwest Cluster and half of the regions in InterVarsity.  He is also the Co-Director of Soul Surf, the annual spring break evangelism project in Panama City Beach, Fla.  
His unique Question Mark events are "a safe place to discuss your real questions about God" as Mark responds to students' spiritual questions for 75 minutes.  Held from large campus-wide settings to residence halls or Greek houses, they combine the warmth of Christ's love, the strength of biblical teaching, and the openness of authentic communication about issues facing today's culture. They are a catalyst for GIGs, spiritual discussions, and conversions.
Specifically, Mark is available to serve your campus, conference, or staff team at:

  • Conferences or Retreats:  vision-casting for missional living, responding to Jesus' invitation to us
  • Question Mark Events: a 75-minute Q/A on spiritual questions
  • Evangelistic Large Groups:  built around relevant themes (i.e. justice, personal brokenness, etc.)
  • 2-3 Day Outreach Weeks:  using proxë stations, large groups, Question Marks, focus ministry, and more!
  • Mentoring Evangelistically-Gifted Staff:  Listening and providing insight to emerging evangelistic staff

Costs are negotiable on a case-by-case basis (i.e. do not let cost stand in the way of ministry).  With that said, Mark prefers that the hosting IV chapters cover travel expenses (i.e. flight, rental car & gas, lodging and meals while at their campus).  No 4-star hotels are necessary; he is happy to stay in homes of IV staff or ministry partners.


“Mark was intentional about talking and praying with us in the months leading up to the weekend conference where he spoke.  I was grateful for the ways he wanted to jump right into the good work that God was already doing and really honor our needs as a division.  Most people who are as gifted as Mark is- are not as low maintenance as he is!” -- Julie M. Longacre | Area Director at East Central Ohio
“Mark's service to the IU Greek IV chapter at Indiana University has been a staple in our ministry since I first came on staff 4 years ago. Mark's disarming demeanor and his style in answering students' toughest questions is such a gift to the skeptic, the seeker and the Christian. Mark is intelligent, caring and is always loving students and staff well while pointing them towards the truth of the Gospel.” --Tori Castek | Campus Staff Worker – Indiana University Greek IV
“Mark is a veteran of InterVarsity and the communication of the gospel. Having worked with Mark in evangelism settings for many years, God has used Mark to expand his Kingdom! I appreciate Mark’s deep longing to collaborate well with ministry settings and to use his gifts within the context of the larger ministry plan.  Any partnership with Mark is a gift to the kingdom!” -- Jason Hull | Area Director – Metro Twin Cities/MN
“Mark is a gifted relational evangelist ... he connects very well with students in a personal/relational way! He is excellent in answering students’ questions in a Q&A format (Question Mark), building trust with them by being genuine and thoughtfully answering their questions. Mark also does a tremendous job of evangelistic preaching, both contextualizing the gospel and leading people to respond to Jesus with a clear invitation. I have also witnessed Mark in training others in evangelism, which he does in a compelling manner because of his clear passion for evangelism!”
-- Brian Aust | IV Campus Staff at UW-River Falls

Mark Slaughter, Midwest Cluster Evangelist