Mary Beth Lundgren, Staff Care and Discipleship

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Mary Beth is available to meet with Collegiate Ministries staff for staff care, discipleship and mentoring.  She can meet by Skype, FaceTime or phone.  She is also available to meet face-to-face with those staff in the Madison, Wisconsin area when her travel time permits, or at national conferences such as National Staff Conference and Urbana, etc.

Mary Beth’s vocational background includes caring pastorally for, and mentoring congregants in a local church setting, serving on a staff at a church of 4,000 in Indianapolis.  She served in this position for ten years.  She also has discipled people out of her home for 17 years.  Some of the issues she can help with are:

•    Interpersonal conflicts

•    Family issues

•    Marital issues

•    Singleness issues

•    Discouragement and Depression

•    Fear / Worry/ Anxiety

•    Life-dominating Strongholds

•    Wisdom for Life Transition Decisions


Mary Beth’s mentoring and discipleship is deeply rooted in Scripture and belief in the life-changing power of God’s Word and His Spirit to change His followers at the heart level (root) and thus, the behavior level (fruit).

A typical scenario would be a staff person meeting with Mary Beth every other week for a 60-75 minute appointment for prayer and mentoring.  It may be a single meeting for a wisdom issue, or meeting regularly over a longer period of time.  She will assign minimal, relevant homework for between the appointments, in most cases.  After these initial meetings, she is available to meet with staff for “maintenance”meetings as needed and as determined by the staff person and Mary Beth to be most helpful (i.e. quarterly or semi-annually).

Collegiate Ministries staff can contact Mary Beth directly; however, she asks that they first contact their supervisor to let him/her know that they will be meeting with her.  Mary Beth will keep any information shared in a meeting with her confidential except in the rare case where she is legally obligated to share with others if a person mentions doing harm to themselves or to someone else.

Because of the nature of Mary Beth’s role, these testimonials are anonymous comments from Midwest Cluster staff who have met with her:


I appreciate Mary Beth’s willingness to come alongside me in this season of life and ministry.  She has shown flexibility, discernment and wisdom in helping get at some of the core things needed for healing in my life.  I appreciate her leadership being grounded and deeply rooted in Scripture.  She instructs me and provides guidance and always refers me back to the Bible.


Mary Beth has a God-given ability to look at a situation and intuitively know what is going on and what is at the root of the matter.  She speaks this out boldly and with humility, always with the foundation of Scripture.”


I marvel at Mary Beth’s ability to enter into another person’s pain/struggle with compassion and comfort and at the same time, point them to the new place/truth/experience that God has for them.  She is a great coach for someone desiring to grow spiritually and to move toward greater measures of freedom, peace and maturity.”


The Apostle Paul viewed the comfort we receive from God as something we are to pass on to others.  I find that true of the things that I am receiving from God through Mary Beth’s ministry.  I’ve introduced students and volunteers to the books she has had me read.  And as I am experiencing more hope and joy in my spiritual journey, that hope and joy is spilling over into ministry.  I am more excited about ministry and God’s Word than I have been in a long time.  I have so much more to give students as I recognize and address the areas of need in my own life.

Mary Beth is available to meet with InterVarsity staff for spiritual care, discipleship and mentoring.