Rick Mattson, Campus Apologist

Email Rick or go to his website at: rickmattsonoutreach.com.

What I offer: Help for staff and students in answering hard questions of Christian faith. These questions are posed both by Christians and nonChristians.

Common topics in apologetics:

  • Faith and Science
  • Bible Authority and Reliability
  • Atheism and the Existence of God
  • Christians Behaving Badly (sins of the church)
  • Pain, Suffering, Evil and a Good God
  • Sexual identity and Gender
  • The Hiddenness of God
  • Hell, Judgment and Justice
  • Historical Jesus as Legend or Fact
  • Making a Cumulative Case for Christian Faith
  • The Challenge of Other Religions
  • The Fate of Those Who've Never Heard of Christ
  • The Supposed Corruption of the Bible
  • Miracles
  • Training in Chapter Building and Evangelism
  • Conversational Evangelism
  • Campus Evangelism Strategy
  • Leadership Module for Student Leaders


  • Large Group (including calls to faith)
  • Dorm Talks
  • 1-1 Meetings
  • Debates
  • Panels "Stump the Chump" where students can come and ask any question they wish about Christian faith in a non-threatening setting.

Costs: Free for InterVarsity chapters. I pay my travel. I ask that my hosts provide meals and housing (with staff, donors, faculty; no hotels).

Rick Mattson, Campus Apologist