Sandy Beelen Cook, Leadership Development

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Sandy's focus is on leadership development, looking to engage, develop and equip this generation of campus staff (millennials) to step into leadership roles which enables InterVarsity to reach the upcoming generations of university and college students. The two primary means of accomplishing this will be the Midwest Cluster Potential Leader's Cohort to develop future leaders and mentoring current staff directors. Sandy is working with the Leaning and Talent Department helping out the SD Training by overseeing the Action Learning process. She's available for training in Crucial Conversations and Emotional Intelligence seminars. She is also a certified trainer for MBTI and Enneagram.

Cost: Travel and housing expenses plus the cost of the Crucial Conversation, Emotional Intelligence, MBTI or Enneagram materials.

What others are saying about Crucial Conversations training:

"Great Training!  I wish I had received it as a young Team Leader or AD. And I wish I had all of the older AD's through the training along with the mew ADs.  Immediately applicable in life and ministry."  - Pauline Fond, RD Northwest Region.

"I applied the training immediately using the new framework in a very dicey conversation. I am grateful for the skills to creat mutual respect and purpose.  I will be looking for opportunities to have Sandy offer the Crucial Conversations training in national settings for years to come.
- Kimberly Porter, VP of Learning and Talent.

"Great class.  I will be able to use this in my personal life and professional life.  I had read this book before the training, but the training was crucial for full understanding and better mastery of the concepts and skills."   - Staff volunteer

Sandy Beelen Cook, Leadership Development