Multiethnic Ministries

​InterVarsity’s Multiethnic Ministries, created in 1988, has served record numbers of students and staff of color and has nurtured an increasingly diverse staff director team. Our multiethnic values, including racial reconciliation, are deeply embedded in our culture. We celebrate these successes but we know there is still work to do internally and on campus, so we are reorganizing to spread our multiethnic values more thoroughly throughout our structure. 

Joe Ho, Vice President for Focused Ministries, will guide the ethnic national directors in accelerating ministry with students and faculty. They will lead their ethnic staff communities in ministry growth, advocacy, planning and participating in conferences, funding, and partnering with People & Culture to invest in the spiritual care of ethnic staff.

Watch for new Multiethnic Initiatives that will advance biblical values and practices among diverse communities of students and faculty.

Meet the MEM Directors:


National Director, Asian American Ministries

Sabrina is excited to see Asian American students transformed by Christ as they grow in ethnic identity, evangelism, racial justice, and stewarding their lives for God's kingdom. She has broad experience working with Asian American students and staff, as well as other multiethnic and focused ministry contexts. Sabrina has led chapter growth and planting on private universities, large state universities, and community colleges. She longs to see students come to faith and engaged with the Biblical call to justice and reconciliation. Find out more about AAM.

National Director, Black Campus Ministries

Charlene is dedicated to ushering in a generation of world changers who are passionate about the gospel, racial justice, and reconciliation. She gained valuable experience leading a large campus ministry as a student, then attended seminary and worked for a church. She joined InterVarsity to focus on training students in discipleship and evangelism. Charlene became the BCM Director in 2016. She lives in Durham, NC. Find out more about Black Campus Ministries.

LaFe National Director

Orlando travels extensively developing Latino student leaders, training campus ministers and speaking on multiethnic diversity, cross-cultural ministry, ethnic identity and leadership. His IVP book, Being Latino in Christ: Finding Wholeness in Your Ethnic Identity, has helped thousands of Latinos become more confident in their service to Christ as leaders. He is also serving as Interim Director of Multiethnic Ministries. Orlando and his wife, Maritza, live in Bronx, New York. They have two adult sons. Find out more about LaFe.