Chuck Hohnbaum

After working in local church ministry for eight years, Chuck joined InterVarsity in 1991 and has served in numerous area, regional and national roles. From 2012-17, Chuck was responsible for monitoring InterVarsity’s national Strategic Plan objectives and providing administration services for Collegiate Ministries. Chuck earned two master’s degrees from Denver Seminary and Bethel Seminary. 

Contributions by Chuck Hohnbaum

Katie applied to only one prestigious graduate program because she was told in a casual conversation by the Dean that she would be admitted. But when the committee decided on her application, she was denied admission. She was crushed. “Why would God do this to me?” she cried. “What am I going to do now?”

When these curve balls of life come at us, we often ask “Why?”

It’s baseball season and fans have high hopes for their favorite teams, just as we all have high hopes for how life will turn out.

Lately I have been pondering what causes one person to excel as a leader while another person does not. Is it due to education, experience, personality, learned skills, time management, culture, or

It seems to me that the purpose of the academy is to expose and educate, leading to knowledge and understanding. By the study of the past and the present one gains a greater sense of what and why.

When I have some time to myself to do whatever I want, I am usually in one of two places -– in my garage woodworking or on a lake fishing. In one corner of my garage is a pile of boards.