Chapter Planting

As you seek to live out God’s calling on your life, there might be times when you ask yourself a form of this question: What is more important—living a life of holiness or reaching out to friends that don’t know God? Do you want to know Jesus’ answer? It’s “yes.” That is, they go hand in hand.

Erin Corry

I have a love/hate relationship with the roller coaster that is chapter planting, and I’m learning that success doesn’t always look the way we expect it to.

I have been energized by the re-awakening that I have experienced over the past few years of InterVarsity’s apostolic and missional call to every campus. We have always loved campuses and students. Recently, we have been looking into and asking about the campuses where InterVarsity could be present in a more vigorous way.

Shawn Young

In the chapter planting handbook, Start Something New, there is an exercise that leads the readers to map their relationships. I am convinced that one of the most essential and simple skills a Christian can develop is to chart their relational networks. Here are some reasons why.

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