Technological advancements will bring the most monumental shift to missions since Jesus sent out the twelve disciples. The question is, “Is the church and the mission community ready for the change?”

As we begin New Student Outreach to welcome the class of 2020, we must clearly understand the content of the gospel as well as the context where God is calling us to live it out.

Rick Mattson

Lawrence*, a faculty member from a local private college, sat at a table with me recently inside a Famous Dave’s BBQ. His goal was to guide me along the journey he’d taken many years earlier of rejecting faith in Jesus for what he sees as a more scientific way of life. “You remind me of myself as a young man,” he remarked to me, not unkindly.

We read from tweets and news feeds that reconciliation and justice are gospel issues, but rarely do we use the gospel narrative to actually disciple people in practicing justice. James Choung’s Big Story gospel diagram gives us a tool to explain what is wrong with our world and why Jesus is the ultimate solution to the pain, suffering and injustice we see all around us.

Jim Lundgren

As we look forward to 2015, we also look back at 2014 with a highlight reel of the top 5 blog posts. These most popular blog posts reflect the importance of visional leadership, Christian unity on campus, NSO outreach, finding passion for ministry, and how to maintain health and wellness in ministry.

Resistance seems futile much of the time, regarding sexual sin or addictions, doesn’t it? I see a piece of creamy, decadent ganache topped cheesecake and I say to myself, I won’t take that cake, I won’t take that cake, I WON’T TAKE THAT CAKE…why am I taking that cake?! 

James Choung

When I talk with older, seemingly wiser people, I usually get around to asking two main questions. First, do they have any advice for someone like me? And second, do they have any regrets in life?

“Evangelical Christian” is a loaded term these days. Common associations with these words conjure up descriptions like judgmental, homophobic, intolerant, conformist, anti-intellectual, and hypocritical.

It is summer and you may be dreaming of a break — hitting the beach, working on a tan, or watching a few extra movies. But summertime also provides natural opportunities to grow in evangelism. Here are a few ways to do this.

The more I read the evangelism numbers on the 2005 Annual Field Report, the more discouraged I became. InterVarsity was stuck in an unhealthy pattern: a year of growth immediately followed by a year of decline. But that wasn’t all…

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