Who we are

Collegiate Ministries guides the work of over 1,100 graduate and undergraduate InterVarsity staff men and women. These staff workers partner in ministry with more than 36,600 students and faculty who make up the InterVarsity chapters (also known as witnessing communities) on over 525 university campuses throughout the United States.

Our vision
Our vision is to see students transformed, campuses renewed and world changers developed through the ministry of witnessing communities on campuses nationwide. We believe this will happen as the gospel message of Jesus Christ is taken to the campus and shared with students and faculty. Then, in response to God’s love, grace and truth, we desire to see these students and faculty grow in love for God, God’s Word, God’s people of every ethnicity and culture, and God’s purposes in the world.

Learn more about our vision to see campuses renewed and how we work with other Christian campus ministries under the guidelines of the Chicago Agreement.

More about InterVarsity
Please visit our national InterVarsity website for news, stories, and blog posts about InterVarsity’s wide-ranging ministry on campus and to learn more about InterVarsity and our core doctrinal beliefs.