Leader Tools

Who are we as a movement? We are defined by “Our Core Values and Commitments.” As an InterVarsity leader, you are part of a historic movement of God’s transforming work on the college campus. Our core values drive our mission. Here you’ll find articles and resources to help you live out the multiple dimensions of God’s calling in your life.

We are called to be a redeeming influence among its people, ideas and structures. Find out more about InterVarsity’s core vision for campus ministry with these articles.

We promote authentic relationships and redemptive communities marked by God’s grace and truth. Learn more about how to live out the gospel of Jesus in relationships with others.

We engage in learning and promote thoughtful, biblical reflection in every area of life. Use the brain God has given you.

Ethnic reconciliation is a difficult journey, and believers need to see it as fundamental to the gospel. These articles remind us how to live out God’s justice, grace and truth in a broken world.

Deep within InterVarsity’s life and history is a call to reach students of very philosophy, life-stage, ethnicity and discipline — with compassion and boldness. These articles invite authentic witness to the gospel of Jesus.

We develop women and men to serve as leaders at every level of InterVarsity and ultimately for the kingdom of God, honoring God’s gifts and calling in them. These articles remind leaders that who you are is more important than what you do.

We encounter the living God through Scripture and are transformed by the Holy Spirit as we read, study, teach and obey God’s Word. Here are Bible studies and helpful suggestions for understanding God’s Word.

We cultivate intimacy with God and growth in Christlike character through personal and corporate spiritual disciplines, empowered by the Spirit. Learn more about growth in Christ that produces change.

The crucial decision about vocational Lordship is not about a major, a job or a career, but living in holy obedience throughout life. Following Jesus starts today as you begin to follow Jesus for a lifetime.