Jim Lundgren

My first day on campus as a freshman, the InterVarsity staff worker, Glenn, (who had gotten my name from my parents) called and invited me to come to a retreat on campus. As I listened to his pitch, my heart sank. I wanted nothing to do with Christ or Christians. I came to school to party, party, party! But my mom raised me to be polite so I said “yes” to the retreat. It was really bad! Boring teaching, weak games, and more of the same old, same old Jesus stuff… When it ended that Sunday morning, I decided to put that group and Jesus in my rear view mirror.

When I arrived on campus as a freshman, I couldn’t wait to share my newfound faith with fellow students. But it was rocky. Conversations felt forced and stilted. Two years later, and with more experience under my belt, I started to really enjoy talking with people about their faith and their understanding of God. I had many opportunities to introduce friends to Jesus. As I reflected on what made the difference, five principles stood out.

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