Spiritual Formation

Quiet, you ask? Do you know about my roomie, dorm, and the clogged hallways that I travel on the way to a class?  As I cross the street, there are passing cars, buses, people on their cell phones, and I am dodging bikers, skate-boarders, and roller-blade fans. Oops, I forgot the sweaty joggers.

As the school year starts, we are once again inundated with activities large and small. We plan outreaches, meet with leaders, welcome new students, and start small groups. At busy times like this, I can find myself doing what I think Jesus would do, rather than first focusing on being who Jesus wants me to be. I may, in fact, be called to do lots of ministry activities, but I am often tempted to do them “for Jesus” rather than “in Jesus”.

I have just come back from InterVarsity’s West Coast Faculty Conference at Campus by the Sea. It was a week of engaging Scripture, interacting with faculty from around the country and wrestling with the issue of justice as faculty in higher educationbased around our theme passage: “What is good, and what does the Lord require of you? But to do justice, love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God” (Micah 6:8).

Do you think of yourself as courageous?

Each day we get up, get dressed and bet our life on something. I’m not talking about the dangers of traffic or the structural integrity of bridges. I’m talking about the stories, beliefs or worldviews that each of us carries around in our hearts and minds. We each have an internal story that drives the decisions we make and the way we live.

“These students and IV staff humble me because of their love for Christ and their energy and excitement to reach others. They are busy doing his work daily in a challenging time. And they are truly amazing.” An InterVarsity Faculty Advisor

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