Rob Dixon

Chances are, as an InterVarsity student leader, you minister alongside people of the opposite gender. Perhaps you co-lead a small group, or partner together on your chapter’s leadership team, or your fellowship is served by male and female staff who work together to lead the ministry. How are those partnerships going for you?

Last summer a group of us from our fellowship went to hear the San Francisco Symphony play the soundtrack live at a screening of the Star Trek reboot movie. It was phenomenal! A year later we’re still talking about it. And we still sound the same. We gasp and go “Wow! It was awesome!” We splutter superlatives to describe the music and the experience of the live orchestra—but somehow it’s all inadequate. And then we drop our arms and say, “Aww, you should’ve been there!”

When we moved into our house, my mother-in-law gave us a little potted plant. Impatiens plants are appropriately named. They are impatient for water and wilt if not watered frequently. In the stress of our move, I neglected the plant for weeks. The flowers fell off and it turned deathly brown. I almost threw it away, but decided to water it and see what happens.

Bobby Gross

Ambition is a slippery word.

What does it mean for Christians to talk about the Bible as authoritative? How is our authoritative scriptureand the God whom it revealsdifferent from authoritarian leaders or governing principles?

As we begin New Student Outreach to welcome the class of 2020, we must clearly understand the content of the gospel as well as the context where God is calling us to live it out.

How do you think God might want to give you more faith in the area of your sexuality?

Jason Thomas

Our relationship with money often reflects our relationship with God. In college I was challenged to start living a lifestyle of generosity. Since then I’ve learned a lot about God’s generosity, but it hasn’t always been easy.

Haskell Indian Nations University is an all-Native school that was once a source of great pain for Native people. It was one of many boarding schools aimed at forcing Native children to assimilate, often through means of abuse. This once boarding school has been turned into a four-year university to serve only Native students. Students that attend here are very spiritual and love the Creator. Jesus, however, is a whole different story. 

Andy Kim

Have you ever stopped and wondered what actually happens when we engage in musical worship as a community? Musical worship can and should be more than just a nice sing-along, more than just a shot of emotional inspiration and more than just a prelude to the sermon. For the committed follower of Jesus, musical worship is an opportunity for us to grow deeper as disciples of Jesus Christ. Think of musical worship using the Discipleship Cycle as a framework.

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