Sketches of Leadership

What can we learn from the Bible about leadership principles? These Bible studies provide a wealth of character studies, scriptural images, and relevant topics for training emerging leaders. Each Bible study is an easy-to-use two-page format with additional notes for leading students in a training setting.

These Sketches of Leadership are modular and independent units so they can be used in any order. Plan 45-90 minutes for each one. The studies are divided into Images of Leadership and Topical Sketches of Leadership.

Images of Leadership

by Rich Lamb, InterVarsity staff

Explore biblical images of the leader as a shepherd, a servant, an ill patient, a sage, a sentinel, a visionary, a steward, a sponsor and a sower.

Topical Sketches of Leadership

by Rich Lamb, InterVarsity staff

Examine biblical leadership topics that develop vision, prayer, character, coping with difficulties, community, evangelism, outreach, multiethnicity, and starting new ministries.


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