Images of Leadership

These Bible studies provide scriptural Images of Leadership as models for developing leaders. These two-page studies were written by InterVarsity staff Rich Lamb. Each study also includes notes for leading students in a training setting. These are modular and independent units so they can be used in any order. Plan 45-90 minutes for each one.

See also Topical Sketches of Leadership.

Leader as Shepherd

Caring for the Flock

Leader as Servant

Building Trust

Leader as Patient

God serves and heals us even as he calls us into ministry

Leader as Sage

God offers wisdom to those who lead

Leader as Sentinel

Addressing sin in a way that people will respond

Leader as Visionary

Seeing the campus as God does and calling others toward faith in God's work

Leader as Steward

Delegation and Execution

Leader as Sponsor

Helping to develop the leadership of the next generation

Leader as Sower

Multiplying ministry by calling others into partnership