Topical Sketches of Leadership

These topical Bible studies provide scriptural principles for training students in leadership responsibilities by developing vision, prayer, character, outreach, and more. These two-page studies were written by InterVarsity staff Rich Lamb. Each study also includes notes for leading students in a training setting. These are modular and independent units so they can be used in any order. Plan 45-90 minutes for each one.

See also Images of Leadership for more Bible studies to train leaders.


Leading with vision and preparing for growth on the mission field of the campus


Leading with prayer that stands in the gap of missional intercession

Character of a Leader

Exploring ambition, authenticity, reluctance and confidence in the character of a leader

Difficulties in Leadership

Examining burnout, failure, and resistance in leadership

Small Group and Bible Study

Engaging the hearers, the doers or the confused in a small group community that asks good questions


Authenticity, apologetics, proclamation, and the five thresholds of conversion

New Student Outreach

A welcoming heart on the mission field of the campus


Ministry growth and multiethnicity

Chapter Planting

Start something new as a leader on your campus