The more I read the evangelism numbers on the 2005 Annual Field Report, the more discouraged I became. InterVarsity was stuck in an unhealthy pattern: a year of growth immediately followed by a year of decline. But that wasn't all...

My first day on campus as a freshman, the InterVarsity staff worker, Glenn, (who had gotten my name from my parents) called and invited me to come to a retreat on campus.

For the NFL, their finest hour is the Superbowl. Companies will pay millions to air a 30-second commercial during this prime opportunity. For NASA, their finest hour is when their robot lands safely on Mars and starts driving around. That moment of victory makes NASA engineers cry. How about for us? What is InterVarsity’s finest hour? What would we spend our top dollar on, or what would make us cry with joy? Our finest hour is the first three weeks of school each autumn and the first two weeks of spring semester. Why?