Chapter Recognition and Affiliation

As an expression of our commitment to Scripture’s authority, designated leaders of InterVarsity groups are expected to exemplify Christ-like character, conduct and leadership. All officially designated leaders of InterVarsity chapters must annually affirm InterVarsity’s Purpose and Doctrinal Basis by completing the appropriate chapter affiliation form below. This is a condition for affiliation with InterVarsity, even if it is not specifically required by the chapter constitution. 

Use these updated tools to officially organize and affiliate an InterVarsity chapter as a campus organization.

Why Affiliate?

Learn more about the benefits of chapter affiliation for your group, your school, and your mission on campus.


Undergraduate & Graduate Chapter Affiliation Application (Word)

Use this application to affiliate your campus group with InterVarsity. 

Undergraduate & Graduate Chapter Association Application (WORD)

The "association" designation is reserved solely for student groups where the college or university does not allow a campus group to affiliate with a national organization.

Faculty Group Affiliation (Word)

Use this application to affiliate your faculty group with InterVarsity.

Faculty Group Association (Word)

Use this form for faculty groups or gatherings where affiliation is not appropriate, but InterVarsity staff have a relationship and offer resources to the group.

Chapter Affiliation - In Process (Word)

The “In Process” designation is reserved for Christian fellowships that are not yet ready to affiliate with InterVarsity. Normally it is a designation that that is usable for up to two years. Groups for whom this designation is appropriate include:

  • Campus groups that are new to InterVarsity and are exploring affiliation or association.
  • Chapters that are in the process of being planted and do not yet have student leaders chosen who can sign the affiliation or association documents.


Download and customize this sample constitution for your chapter.

More Resources

  • Find a chapter. Locate campus groups affiliated or associated with InterVarsity. Local contact information provided.
  • The Ministry Playbook takes InterVarsity's 75 years of ministry experience and presents best strategies and resources in an online learning space. Anyone can be equipped for campus ministry to this generation of students and faculty.
  • See the Large Group Meetings Handbook for guidelines and suggestions for accomplishing the goals of your chapter through large group meetings.