Sexuality Tool Kit

Welcome to the Online Sexuality Toolkit! InterVarsity’s Discipleship Initiative has spent several years researching, gathering feedback, and hearing from you about what you would find helpful as you work with your campus, students, and faculty in regards to sexuality and relational health. We’ve drawn from a variety of resources and hope this serves as a “one-stop shop” for all your ministry needs in these areas.

Engaging Campus Culture

Ministry Resources


Healthy Relationships


As the largest section with the Sexuality Toolkit, this contains information relating to areas of Abuse, Assault, Gender Ideology, LGB/Queer, Pornography, Singleness, and Transgender. Under each sub-category you will find a range of items including Real Stories, Real People (personal accounts and memoirs), blog posts, articles, and more.

Gender Ideology







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Much of the content on this site is for use by student leaders and InterVarsity staff.

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