Leader Tools

Developing students and faculty as leaders in God's movement on campus has always been at the core of InterVarsity's ministry. Leadership development establishes people and communities who love God, love God's Word, love God's people, and love God's purposes in the world.

Chapter Recognition and Affiliation

Use these tools to officially organize and affilitate an InterVarsity chapter as a campus organziation.

Disability Resources

These resources will help InterVarsity chapters reach, serve, become co-labors with, and include a significant corner of campus – the more that 13% of college students with a documented disability.

Sexuality Resources

Sex is a hot topic among students, so InterVarsity staff must be prepared to respond to a wide variety of questions and situations while engaging in loving dialogue with others. These extensive resources on human sexuality will help staff ministers consider a biblical view of a variety of sexuality issues.

Leadership Articles

InterVarsity is defined by the core values that drive our mission. Check out the leadership articles and resources that will help you live out the multiple dimensions of God’s calling in your life.

Theology and Faith

Become a growing follower of Jesus with these resources that blend Biblical theology with godly living.

The Blog

The Field Ministries Blog is an avenue for staff and student leaders to hear from InterVarsity's visionary leaders by presenting thoughtful posts on discipleship, chapter planting, chapter growth, spiritual formation and theology, as well as other key themes to amplify God's work on campus.