Chapter Growth

InterVarsity is all about helping its campus chapters become witnessing communities that grow by:

  1. attracting fellow students and faculty to a saving faith in Jesus
  2. teaching them to love Christ and follow him more closely
  3. participating in the mission to reach the campus

Here you will find tested and effective strategies and resources to mobilize staff and students for growing in breadth and depth. Check out "Exploring Chapter Growth Resources" for a summary of all the tools, documents, videos and training modules that will drive chapter growth.

Core Strategy Overview

Shape a strong growth culture in your chapter so that vision, structures and people align for momentum in reaching others on campus.


Dream a vision and set goals for chapter growth.


Own the drivers for momentum in God's movement on your campus and plan to drive ministry growth.


Cast the net wide for people to follow Jesus and advance in leadership opportunities as part of God's mission.

Coaching Tools

These resources and materials will help you train others in the core strategy of chapter growth.

Reaching the Corners

These contextualized chapter growth strategies provide tips and resources for ministry with arts students, athletes, Greeks, international students and nursing students.

Limited Access

Much of the content on this site is for use by student leaders and InterVarsity staff.

To see all the available content you must be logged in with a staff or student leader account.