Human Sexuality

For 75 years the ministry of InterVarsity has been built on the unwavering foundation of our Doctrinal Basis and “the unique divine inspiration, entire trustworthiness and authority of the Bible.” This is the starting point that defines our ministry to collegiate men and women who are exploring and defining their sexual beliefs and behavior.

InterVarsity has assembled a variety of resources to clarify Biblical sexuality and how it intersects with faith, practice and witness. These materials are divided into the following categories:

Theology of Human Sexuality

Our theology guides our journey regarding our biblical beliefs about sexuality.

Human Sexuality Resources

This 9-part series provides guides for leaders and resources for staff teams to engage with InterVarsity's theology of human sexuality. Each session helps staff teams walk through their own beliefs about human sexuality with a case study, manuscript studies, and implications.

Sexuality Tool Kit

These staff resources on sexuality and relational health will help you in your ministry with students and faculty who are growing as disciples of Jesus. They cover a wide variety of topics.

FAQs and Communications

Got questions? Check out these responses to what others are asking about InterVarsity's position on the theology of sexuality.

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Much of the content on this site is for use by student leaders and InterVarsity staff.

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