All of us want campus ministry to advance. All of us want to see conversion ministry thrive. All of us want to see students discipled and developed as leaders. So why do we struggle to hit our goals?

As we look forward to 2015, we also look back at 2014 with a highlight reel of the top 5 blog posts. These most popular blog posts reflect the importance of visional leadership, Christian unity on campus, NSO outreach, finding passion for ministry, and how to maintain health and wellness in ministry.

 “What is the difference between InterVarsity and Cru, the Navigators or Christian Union?” Potential ministry partners will ask me this frequently. Almost immediately my competitive juices begin to flow and I am tempted to subtly “talk down” the other ministries and “talk up” InterVarsity.

“This is incredibly fragile,” she commented. I asked my co-worker what she meant. “Student ministry — there are days when it seems to hang by a thread, doesn’t it?”

By Jason Jensen

In my senior year of college, I had a memorable God moment. Some friends and I were up late one night planning our post-graduation trip. During the meeting my mentor, Greg, came in.

For most of my life in the church, “apostle” has been something of a dirty word, either because it’s assumed to be an expired gift or because we’ve so often seen it abused.

I am most effective as a leader when my passion is burning hot. It fuels my vision-casting. It gathers other leaders around its heat. It guides me forward by its light.

I have never run a relay, but I can image that there is a moment of great excitement as athletes reach out and pass the baton.

It is never too early in life to begin thinking about the legacy you want to leave behind when you are gone, whether you're on the brink of graduation, retirement, or somewhere in between.

Lately I have been pondering what causes one person to excel as a leader while another person does not. Is it due to education, experience, personality, learned skills, time management, culture, or