Personal Reflection

In light of Ferguson and other recent events, I am deeply disturbed by the racial divide in our country. Yet I am also deeply grateful for the bridge-builders in our ministry who take on the challenge of racial reconciliation with courage, intentionality, vision and biblical conviction in God’s redeeming grace.

When my youngest son, Luke, was diagnosed with autism our family was distressed and confused. But through the years, the Lord has used Luke to teach us all. 

This summer I had the amazing privilege of participating in the first-ever Marketplace Bay Area Urban Project, an InterVarsity summer immersion project geared at exploring the intersection of faith and work. The 10 of us worked at various internships or jobs during the day, and lived together in a house at night.

“What are you doing, Tom?” I was ten years old and my mother had every reason to be curious. She had found her son sprawled across his bed in the middle of summer -- reading the Bible.

I hit a wall last week after hours of trying to write a blog that was oozing away in every direction but the one I hoped it would go.

It’s baseball season and fans have high hopes for their favorite teams, just as we all have high hopes for how life will turn out.

In light of the Sochi Olympics, many young boys and girls will be lacing up skates for the first time, practicing the luge on their sleds, or choreographing their figure skating routine on the play