It’s baseball season and fans have high hopes for their favorite teams, just as we all have high hopes for how life will turn out.

I have a friend who went to her church’s summer camp every year and felt the need to repent and be “born again” every time. It was the only way she knew how to deal with her “backsliding”.

In light of the Sochi Olympics, many young boys and girls will be lacing up skates for the first time, practicing the luge on their sleds, or choreographing their figure skating routine on the play

I am most effective as a leader when my passion is burning hot. It fuels my vision-casting. It gathers other leaders around its heat. It guides me forward by its light.

I have never run a relay, but I can image that there is a moment of great excitement as athletes reach out and pass the baton.

It’s January, a time when many people resolve to improve their physical health by eating better, getting more sleep, or exercising more often.