One of the things I love about Urbana is the opportunity to connect with many brothers and sisters serving in IFES student movements around the world. But often I am asked, “Why do we need IFES, and why does InterVarsity need to be part it?”

I’ve been in some pretty demanding full time ministry settings for most of my adult life, so I guard my time off with careful intentionality.  But sometimes I fool myself into believing that rest m

There was that question again, only this time it was from a fraternity student who had rededicated his life the week before at our fall conference.  After his first five minutes ever in a posture o

“What is your group’s view of homosexuality?” I sat across the desk from the Vice President for Student Life as she asked me this direct question in the midst of a campus access issue in 2010. To this day, I'm not sure  if my answer was a dodge, or sheer inspiration, or just fumbling.

Have you ever noticed that Jesus never hurries? That he never seems stressed out? Angry, yes. Grief-stricken, yes. Rolling his eyes at the latest dumb-headed disciple mishap, yes. But stressed, hurried, anxious? Never.

I just finished writing a report on Collegiate Ministries’ work last year for our Board of Trustees. It was a great joy to write that many of our measures were at record highs.

One of the most significant lessons of my staff career came at an unexpected and, in hindsight, embarrassing moment.  But because of what InterVarsity believes and how we apply it, it led to one of