When I was in college studying art, I usually kept the “Christian side” of me separate from the “artistic side” of me whenver I stepped into my art building.

There’s an important moment in the first chapter of Acts where, forty days after Jesus’ resurrection, Jesus ascends (fancy word for, “Jesus goes to heaven”) and leaves his disciples staring into the sky. This “ascension” is kind of a big deal… but why should we care?

Jesus' crucifixion, His death, the excruciatingly long Saturday, His bodily resurrection and some unspecified moment of return all say "why would I follow Him?" If Matthew, Mark, Luke and John pitc

We’ve just celebrated the Resurrection of Jesus and now we’re invited to extend our celebration for the seven weeks that make up the season of Easter in the Christian Year.

Written prayers offer the reader an opportunity to deepen spiritually. They can offer new ideas, new topics about which to pray, or new language to express what is happening in one’s heart.

If you are leading a group, it is important to develop your skills so all members participate and contribute their best to the decisions you make together.