In light of Ferguson and other recent events, I am deeply disturbed by the racial divide in our country. Yet I am also deeply grateful for the bridge-builders in our ministry who take on the challenge of racial reconciliation with courage, intentionality, vision and biblical conviction in God’s redeeming grace.

Sex is a big deal in our culture. Never before have we been more exposed to sex in advertising, on television and on campus. Sprite says, “Obey Your Thirst,” while Nike tells us to “Just Do It.” So how do we remain faithful to God in a highly sexualized culture?

There are two things orthodox Christians need to do simultaneously. We must learn to live with the mystery of holding two seemingly opposing truths in tension to become people who are “both/and” rather than “either/or.” Then, at other times, we must be willing to hold on to a truth with fervor and not dilute it by looking for some middle ground. These two convictions can be written in the form of two propositions.

All of us want campus ministry to advance. All of us want to see conversion ministry thrive. All of us want to see students discipled and developed as leaders. So why do we struggle to hit our goals?

In the Christian calendar, January 6 is the Feast of Epiphany. The day commemorates the story of the Eastern magi, or wise ones, who sought out Jesus to pay him kingly homage. The word epiphany means “to bring to light” or “to make manifest” and, in this case, refers to the revealing of Christ to the Gentiles.

As we look forward to 2015, we also look back at 2014 with a highlight reel of the top 5 blog posts. These most popular blog posts reflect the importance of visional leadership, Christian unity on campus, NSO outreach, finding passion for ministry, and how to maintain health and wellness in ministry.

Incarnation is a hot word these days. It is used to describe ministry among the poor, the outcast, and the disenfranchised with an emphasis on the word “among” rather than “to”.