4 Steps Toward Racial Justice on Campus

If we are to learn anything from the uprisings against racial injustice that are taking place on many campuses, it is that as campus ministers, we can no longer view them as outside of our commission; they are occurring within our very own mission field—the university campus.

If we are to do the good that God requires of us—which is to do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with God— what are some actions that Christians can begin to take to enter into the fight for racial justice on campus?

Here are four steps that I believe are necessary and wise in our efforts to honor God and stand with others in solidarity:

1. Pray for clarity in our actions.

2. Create margins for action.

3. Become good allies with others in our actions.

4. Use symbols that will speak prophetically in our actions.

As Christ-followers, what an opportune moment we have been given to engage in racial and systemic justice on campus as prophetic witnesses. May God fill us with the courage to stand with others for the sake of biblical justice that reconciles and restores communities and brings the true shalom of God and his Son Jesus Christ!

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--by Orlando Crespo

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