Ethnic-Specific vs Ethnocentric Ministry Models

What are the pros and cons of ethnic-specific ministry? Is ethnocentric ministry the same thing, or different? What are the strengths and weaknesses often reflected in these terms?

InterVarsity Regional Director Linson Daniel unpacks what these terms mean for Christians who want to see growth in their ministry or church. He offers diagnostic questions to determine the health of a ministry group and how to become a more welcoming community for all.

“There is an underlying assumption that an ethnic-specific church is always ethnocentric, insular, and self-centered, or that an ethnic-specific ministry is not as good as a multiethnic ministry,” Linson writes. “This assumption is wrong and unfair. Ethnic-specific ministries are valid and important! Ethnic specific and ethnocentric are not the same thing!”

Discover the characteristics of each in the article, “Is Your Ministry Ethnocentric or Ethnic-Specific?”

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