Four Reasons to Go on a Global Program

InterVarsity’s Global Programs are an opportunity to participate in God's work in the world. You'll learn deep and life-changing realities about God, yourself, your partners in mission, and how transformation in Christ changes everything.

Learn more about InterVarsity’s Global Programs. Here is an abbreviated version of Four Reasons to Go on a Global Program:

1. You’ll learn about God.

God goes out first in mission.

Going on a GP will ground you in an understanding of God and God’s movement in the world. Mission is part of the very character of the God who is Love. Mission is not just something that God decided to take on; it’s in God’s DNA.

2. You’ll learn about yourself.

Being over doing.

When we think about mission, we often think about all the things we could do to help others. But sometimes, the ways we can help the most are by simply being with others and giving the ministry of presence.

3. You’ll learn about partnership.

True partnership is mutual.

On a Global Program, the presence of you and your team can creatively benefit the long-term work of your partners, as long as you focus on God as the primary actor and your team’s role as a small piece of the overall work.

4. You’ll be transformed.

God transforms all of us.

A Global Program is not only about changing the lives of the people you will encounter and serve. You also will be transformed by the people you meet and the ways you are blessed by local believers.


A Global Program is more than just an experience. You’ll participate firsthand in God’s work in a diverse and complex world. Students may participate in cultural and language exchange programs, serve with vulnerable populations and communities, minister alongside Christian brothers and sisters, or help share the good news at college campuses abroad.

Your Global Program doesn’t end when you step off the plane after your trip. When God expands your heart for what he is doing throughout the world, you’ll love your own campus in fresh ways when you return home.

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