Brunel Bienvenu

Brunel Bienvenu has been on staff with InterVarsity for 8 years. He's planted chapters at the NYC College of Technology and John Jay College of Criminal Justice. He graduated from John Jay with a Bachelors of Science in Legal Studies and a Masters of Public Administration - specializing in organizational management. When he’s not planting chapters he enjoys story telling, hanging out with friends and traveling.
Contributions by Brunel Bienvenu

Black History Month is behind us and I can’t help but think about the murky future that is yet to unfold before us as a nation. Eight years ago, I could not have anticipated the extent to which we would regress in terms of racial relations. I had been the second in my family to earn a graduate degree. My recent appointment as a Staff Member with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship was, for me, an accomplishment. Eight years ago, I had been the only Black male on campus staff in the region at the time and felt well received.  That year, we also witnessed the election of the first Black U.S. President. We had come so far, eight years ago.