Doug Schaupp

Reverend Doug Schaupp has served with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship for the past 25 years. He is the Associate National Director of Evangelism. He also has co-authored three books, including Being White: Finding our Place in a MultiEthnic World. He and his wife, Sandy, (who is Korean American) have been married for 24 years. Their children are Mark, David and Stephanie. Doug has been the proud soccer coach for his kids for the past decade.

Contributions by Doug Schaupp

For the NFL, their finest hour is the Superbowl. Companies will pay millions to air a 30-second commercial during this prime opportunity. For NASA, their finest hour is when their robot lands safely on Mars and starts driving around. That moment of victory makes NASA engineers cry. How about for us? What is InterVarsity’s finest hour? What would we spend our top dollar on, or what would make us cry with joy? Our finest hour is the first three weeks of school each autumn and the first two weeks of spring semester. Why?