Jason Gaboury

Jason is the Regional Director for the NY/NJ Region, and an Anglican Friar. He and his wife, Sophia, live in New York with their two children. You can find other thoughts from Jason at intervarsityleads.org.

Contributions by Jason Gaboury

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that faculty are a key part of our mission field. We might wonder what impact, if any, a group of undergraduate students could have on the faith development of a faculty member, particularly one who may be hostile to the Christian faith.   

All of us want campus ministry to advance. All of us want to see conversion ministry thrive. All of us want to see students discipled and developed as leaders. So why do we struggle to hit our goals?

“Evangelical Christian” is a loaded term these days. Common associations with these words conjure up descriptions like judgmental, homophobic, intolerant, conformist, anti-intellectual, and hypocritical.

On campus, what power do we really believe is going to create change in people and set them free? Is it our great proxe stations, or our winning personalities?