Jim Lundgren

Jim Lundgren has served as InterVarsity's Interim President. He and his wife, Mary Beth, live in Madison, Wisconsin. Jim has two grown sons, Tim and Andy. He has been with InterVarsity since 1973.

Contributions by Jim Lundgren

In light of Ferguson and other recent events, I am deeply disturbed by the racial divide in our country. Yet I am also deeply grateful for the bridge-builders in our ministry who take on the challenge of racial reconciliation with courage, intentionality, vision and biblical conviction in God’s redeeming grace.

As we look forward to 2015, we also look back at 2014 with a highlight reel of the top 5 blog posts. These most popular blog posts reflect the importance of visional leadership, Christian unity on campus, NSO outreach, finding passion for ministry, and how to maintain health and wellness in ministry.

 “What is the difference between InterVarsity and Cru, the Navigators or Christian Union?” Potential ministry partners will ask me this frequently. Almost immediately my competitive juices begin to flow and I am tempted to subtly “talk down” the other ministries and “talk up” InterVarsity.

As a child, I hated waiting for Christmas. Unfortunately it wasn't because I couldn't wait to celebrate the birth of the Messiah. My focus was on the unveiling of all the presents.

My first day on campus as a freshman, the InterVarsity staff worker, Glenn, (who had gotten my name from my parents) called and invited me to come to a retreat on campus.

One of the most profound privileges for me in leadership has been to serve on and lead leadership teams where the net effect of our leadership was far greater than the sum of our parts. Unfortunately, though, I have also served on teams that were traumatic from start to finish.