Jimmy Long

Jimmy Long most enjoys spending time with his family- Betsy, Tiffany, Andrew. Megan and of course his two grandchildren Asher and Charis. He also is intrigued how culture impacts ministry. He has written two books on the subject, Emerging Hope and The Leadership Jump and is in the midst of writing a third book on the topic Identity Transformed. For fun, Jimmy is an avid fan of the Boston Red Sox and UNC Women Soccer. This summer Jimmy will retire after 41 years on InterVarsity staff.

Contributions by Jimmy Long

Recently, I came across a photo of our house about the time we moved in.  Except for a different color paint on the house, the house looked about the same.  However, over those thirty years the lawn, bushes and trees had gone through significant changes.  Any given year one would not see the change. Over thirty years the change is very obvious. In a similar vein, if I look back at any given year in the 46 years I have been involved in InterVarsity (four years as an IV student at Florida State, one year as volunteer staff in New England and 41 years in the Blue Ridge Region), I do not usually recognize significant changes in one particular year.  However, over those 46 years there have been significant changes.