Kevin Offner

Kevin Offner has been on staff with InterVarsity for 31 years, serving students in New England and now the metro Washington DC area.  He currently oversees faculty and graduate student ministry on five campuses in Washington, DC.  Kevin is married to Amy, and they have an eleven year old son, David.  Kevin is very interested in ecumenical theology:  how to not water down one's tradition's theological commitments while at the same time looking for genuine areas of agreement between the traditions.

Contributions by Kevin Offner

How would you answer questions directed at you about understanding God’s will, human responsibility in light of God’s sovereignty, or the validity of other religions?

There are two things orthodox Christians need to do simultaneously. We must learn to live with the mystery of holding two seemingly opposing truths in tension to become people who are “both/and” rather than “either/or.” Then, at other times, we must be willing to hold on to a truth with fervor and not dilute it by looking for some middle ground. These two convictions can be written in the form of two propositions.