Nancy Pedulla

Nancy Pedulla serves as Director of Leadership and Talent for the Learning and Talent Team. She has been a part of the InterVarsity National Women's Council since it began. She and her husband, Albert, live in Jersey City, New Jersey. They have three children, daughters, Adele and Claire, and son, Alden. Nancy has been with InterVarsity since 1991.

Contributions by Nancy Pedulla

If you are leading a group, it is important to develop your skills so all members participate and contribute their best to the decisions you make together.

It was a sunny spring Saturday when I gathered with a group of six graduate students in a cozy living room to plan for the fall. The student leaders were all busy with end-of-semester responsibilities, but eager to see God continue the slow, steady growth in the chapter. Yet the all-consuming demands of grad school nearly sank our NSO plans — until the Holy Spirit did something remarkable over the summer.

I remember standing in the hotel lobby like it was yesterday. As a young leader, I walked up to two male colleagues, both friends, and posed a question for conversation about my work.