Tyler Allred

Tyler Allred is a UC San Diego alumnus who became InterVarsity staff to reach college students & faculty with the gospel of Christ in San Diego. He lives in Encinitas, CA with his wife, Melanie, and their daughters, Penelope and Jane. Tyler is the author of Deeply Rooted, a handbook that is being used on campuses around the country to disciple InterVarsity students through the Apostles’ Creed. Find out more at www.TylerAllred.net

Contributions by Tyler Allred

When my three year old has an imaginary friend, it's cute, even encouraged. But when adult Christians live out their faith as though Jesus was just an invisible, childhood fantasy, it's disturbing. Unfortunately, there's an element of the "imaginary Jesus" in each of us who walk in faith.

There’s an important moment in the first chapter of Acts where, forty days after Jesus’ resurrection, Jesus ascends (fancy word for, “Jesus goes to heaven”) and leaves his disciples staring into the sky. This “ascension” is kind of a big deal… but why should we care?