Wendy Quay Honeycutt

Wendy serves as campus staff with InterVarsity Graduate Christian Fellowship at Stanford University. Wendy was born in Malaysia and grew up in Australia so she comes from an international background. After practicing law in Melbourne for ten years, she moved to Oxford in the UK where she studied apologetics and theology. She is married to Jared and they live in Palo Alto, CA. In her spare time, she rides horses, cooks delicious meals with Jared and watches Star Trek episodes on Netflix.

Contributions by Wendy Quay Honeycutt

“If the Bible is true, shouldn’t it always be the same and not change with context? Shouldn’t it be obvious to everyone everywhere, all the time?” This was the earnest question of a Stanford graduate student in our apologetics small group.

Last summer a group of us from our fellowship went to hear the San Francisco Symphony play the soundtrack live at a screening of the Star Trek reboot movie. It was phenomenal!

What does it mean for Christians to talk about the Bible as authoritative? How is our authoritative scripture—and the God whom it reveals—different from authoritarian leaders or governing principles?