The Evangelism Toolkit

In evangelism, we seek to respond to the Spirit’s initiative in the lives of our friends who don’t yet know Jesus and his power to change their lives. Here are tested, effective ways to share God’s gospel story and invite others into his fmaily.

The Evangelism Toolkit gives you multilple resources to four fruitful tools for evangelism: The Big Story, the Five Thresholds, Proxe Station Coaching, and Calls to Faith. Many of these resources are restricted for InterVarsity staff to use in training students, but some of the resources are available to all.

The Five ThresholdsThe Five Thresholds helps us discern how God may be leading another person to faith. By understanding the process, we can help our friends move through each threshold to grow toward Jesus.


The Big StoryThe Big Story offers the grounding narrative of God’s story into which we are all invited. Learn how to share the redemptive story of the Bible with simplicity and clarity. 


Coaching Proxe StatiionsLearn how to use Proxe Stations as effective platforms to have relevant conversations about faith with people in any of the five thresholds.


Calls to FaithThe Calls to Faith offer tools and tips to help us invite people to make a faith commitment. These resources will help you and your chapter begin inviting friends to follow Jesus with their whole lives.

The Evangelism Toolkit was developed in partnership with InterVarsity’s 2100 Productions and the Evangelism Department. Find more resources for inviting people into God’s family at InterVarsity Evangelism.