Incarnational ministry describes how we follow Jesus by living out the gospel in the physical, social, and cultural realities the world around us to reveal God's power and love.

We use the term "evangelistic" to describe an awareness that the missional community does not merely exist for those who already believe, but invites skeptics and seekers to investigate and experience God and begin to follow Jesus.

We use the term "apostolic" to describe InterVarsity's missional communities and leaders that are sent out to plant the gospel in unengaged areas or people groups in order to establish new communities of Jesus-followers.

In evangelism, looking for signs of spiritual hunger and trusting God to move people toward Jesus is far more effective than trying to sell them on a gimmicky plan.

What does it look like for God's people to be "holy" today, especially in the alluring culture of a college campus?

Thoughts of the victorious life of a lone believer are replaced by appreciation for perseverance, faith, community and the sovereignty of God.