Theology and Faith

What you believe (and why you believe it) is foundational to who you are. What you believe about God (and why you believe it) is foundational to your life as a growing follower of Jesus.

Check out these resources that blend Biblical theology with godly living.

Doctrinal Bible Studies

Explore the life-altering mysteries of God through these 10 Bible studies that unpack InterVarsity's core Basis of Faith.

Attributes of God

Dig deeper into God's character with these Bible studies. 

Theological Statements

InterVarsity's core documents about what we believe on critical issues.

Thirsty for Scripture

God offers us satisfying refreshment for our thirsty souls in his Word. These resources provide three inductive questions for daily Scripture readings.

Theological Formation Blog

Open your mind and heart in these thoughtful and inspirational posts from InterVarsity's theologians.