A Vision for Doctrinal Clarity

This introductory essay to these Doctrinal Bible Studies highlights the importance of being informed by Scripture –- and being transformed in the process.

These ten discussion guides unpack InterVarsity’s Doctrinal Basis, our guiding beacon of the basic truths about God and his purposes as revealed in Scripture. Throughout history, Christian disciples have deepened their understanding of who God is and what he expects by studying the vision of God that forms a Christian’s core beliefs, direction and priorities. When there is neglect or ignorance of these truths, people tend to descend into idolatry, moral decadence, and spiritual ruin.

Discover more about why a theological understanding of God's truth gives us a compass to navigate our complex lives today. Download the introduction below, "A Vision for Doctrinal Clarity," with suggestions on how to use these Bible studies.

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