Top 5 Blogs of 2014

As we look forward to 2015, we also look back at 2014 with a highlight reel of the top 5 blog posts. These most popular blog posts reflect the importance of visional leadership, Christian unity on campus, NSO outreach, finding passion for ministry, and how to maintain health and wellness in ministry.

Thanks for visiting the CM blog. I hope it’s a source of inspiration and encouragement as you serve Jesus on campus this year. Happy New Year!


#1 Identifying Apostolic Leaders

by Jon Hietbrink
Embracing and empowering apostolic leaders is catalytic to new ministry expansion. Here are six key indicators that might evidence an apostolic gift at work in you or in your community, along with some questions to help you identify the emerging apostolic leaders in your midst.


#2 Unity in Mission

by Jim Lundgren
I'm often asked, “What is the difference between InterVarsity and other campus ministries?" We can't waste time and energy competing with brothers and sisters in Christ. When we do experience conflict, here are guidelines to work out our differences. 


#3 New Student Outreach: InterVarsity’s Finest Hour

by Doug Schaupp
Our finest hour is the first three weeks of school each autumn and the first two weeks of spring semester. Here’s why.

#4 Reigniting the Passion

by Greg Jao
I am most effective as a leader when my passion is burning hot. It fuels my vision-casting, ignites my prayers, and energizes me to set godly and ambitious goals. But how does passion for ministry stayed fueled? more  

#5 Shalom: A Toast to Health

by Jane Hall
In January  people resolve to eat better, get more sleep, or exercise. As a nurse, I'm passionate about health and wellness, but also realistic about the difficulties in achieving a healthy lifestyle, especially for overloaded leaders who sacrifice self-care for ministry. Here are 4 tips for getting started on a new journey to health this year.

About the Author
Interim President

Jim Lundgren has served as InterVarsity's Interim President. He and his wife, Mary Beth, live in Madison, Wisconsin. Jim has two grown sons, Tim and Andy. He has been with InterVarsity since 1973.