My son just turned 26, and I often wonder if he sees me. He'll stop by for a visit and a nice conversation precipitated by my non-intrusive questions. Then as he is leaving, I say with a tinge of sarcasm, "So how was your week, Dad?" He'll glance up sheepishly, "Oh right... how was your week Dad?" I know he has to go, so I laugh and say, "Next time." I'm just trying to remind him that I am an actual person too, not just his "parental unit." In a similar way, it is easy for students to see faculty as figures rather than full-orbed human beings.

There are tons of reasons why you would want to attend Urbana 15 this December 27-31 in St. Louis, Missouri.

Have we just left the ‘good ol’ days’?  You know, the days we will look back on and realize how relatively stress-free it was to be a Christian on campus, when the only things standing in the way t

Musical worship is a fixture in Christian culture. Many of us sing worship songs multiple times a week. We have hundreds, if not thousands of worship songs accessible to us through our phones, YouTube and Pandora. We go to worship nights, worship concerts, worship jam sessions. Musical worship is all around us. But is it changing us for the better?

We don’t make things grow on campus; God makes things grow. The Chapter Growth Strategy is the trellis where growth happens.

When my three year old has an imaginary friend, it's cute, even encouraged. But when adult Christians live out their faith as though Jesus was just an invisible, childhood fantasy, it's disturbing. Unfortunately, there's an element of the "imaginary Jesus" in each of us who walk in faith.

The next time someone begins a discussion of the Bible and homosexuality by asserting that it is a minor issue in Scripture, coming up in only seven disputed cases, refuse that starting point by in